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Yanmar Pleasure Boat Marine Engine Help

This site is kindly sponored by Marine Power Ltd. a respected UK Yanmar Dealer


The aims of this site are to help the boat owner, service engineer/mechanic, boat builder or designer to correctly install, commission, operate and service an engine so that the possibility of an engine, gearbox or power train breakdown is minimized. YANMAR have proven time and time again that their engines are among the most RELIABLE in the world, and we can keep it that way. This site aims to help both those that know, and those that don't, and provide an avenue where you can ask for help from Yanmar trained people.
The majority of engine failures ( from any maker ) occur because of lack of knowledge about pleasure boat engines, about drive train systems and about good operating procedures.
EVERYTHING in pleasure boating has been learned the hard way by boat owners the world over. Time and time again attempts are made to reinvent the wheel, only to find the wheel still works best when it is round. I always pity the poor seaman who has had the misfortune to inherit an 'invention' with his 'new' pride and joy.
Please remember, if you have a problem, put as much detail as possible in the communique to me so that I have all the facts to work with. Try the HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY approach. When you tell me there is water in the engine, also mention it if the boat is 20 fathoms under!

Just a little pre-amble before the big ramble, navigating this site isnt easy, there were 101 pages as of June 13th and more to come, even I get lost. You need Javascript and pop-up windows enabled as many small pages open as pop-ups. This helps you read the blurb while the picture is in view. All email addresses are written in Javascript to slow down the spam spiders.


WELCOME to This site was first launched in July 2001 by Dick Tucker, ex Service Manager for the New Zealand Yanmar distributor. The site is now run by Dave Swain a Marine Engineer who works for a UK Yanmar Main Dealer - Marine Power Ltd.  Apologies in advance to those of you who don't use graphics enabled browsers but this site has boat loads of graphics! You will find links to other pages that look like THIS, dotted throughout the text. Dont forget to check the Latest Updates page occasionally and see if you need to take another trip. If the link on the top left of the page looks like THIS, you are on the mooring page for that subject group.
The links down the port side of each page will lead you to a ship load of information and if you're looking for a specific item you might find it faster at 'QUICKLINKS'. The 'Starboard Locker' is like all starboard lockers, full of odds and ends. Much of the information in this website, especially Installation, applies to all makes of marine engines, not only yanmar logo
The chart and the monthly minipoll are hosted by BRAVENET SERVICES, an advertisement supported webhost. If you dont want more pop-up advertisements when you close the page, use the Window closer, not the 'close window' box. Pay the Chart a visit and put your own and your boat's name on it. The minipoll is for info and for fun, enjoy!
The little disaster scenario at the top of the page was created by RavenDesign,
I'm always learning, and want to learn, about website building and marine engine fixing (among other things), so if you want something improved or I've made a statement you think is full of bull, don't sit on it, sock it to me! That way I can either fix it, justify my statement or publish a grovelling retraction. However, be prepared to support your statement to the full as I enjoy a good discussion!

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What this site is NOT

While there is a ship load of information to help you install, operate and service your engine, this site does not teach you how to be a professional installer, boatbuilder and mechanic and is only intended to give pointers where problems arise. If you need to know from scratch then, like me, you have to go to school!
But if you're stuck, Email for Help or visit the Discussion Forum.

ALMS' stuff

Apart from our sponsor this site is financed with your donations, the shortfall coming from my pocket. If you like what you see or have been helped by the site or forum, please help to keep this site online by giving a small donation using PayPal's secure online payment service. Any  relevant books,manuals,brochues or other publications you no longer require are also welcome. Thank you.

The inevitable disclaimer

Note: The opinions given in this website are given in good faith, based on the experience of the person giving them. As that experience may not be the answer to your specific problem the responsibility for using the advice / information given in this website rests with the person ultimately in charge of the boat or engine, etc.

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